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Appliances have gone through major innovations recently—from energy efficient dryers and washer to smart refrigerators you can control using your phone. Regardless if you own an old appliance or you only want to make use of what modern technology can offer, this article can hopefully aid you in deciding which appliances you should upgrade in the incoming year—2020. 


This appliance consumes the most energy among all of your appliances within your kitchen. If you have a limited budget and could possibly upgrade one appliance at a time, it is highly recommended for you to select the fridge to upgrade first. Replacing your old refrigerator with a new unit, which has an Energy Star seal, can help you save a lot in terms of bill consumption every year.  


You can also save bucks on your electricity bill if you upgrade to an energy efficient dishwasher. Aside from that, it can also help you minimize your usage of water. Newer dishwasher utilizes half as much as their older models, which amounts to hundreds of gallons save all throughout a year.  


Though replacing a furnace could be expensive, upgrading to a new furnace can help you save a lot per year. Make sure to select a furnace that has a high efficiency rating for greater energy efficiency. These kinds of furnaces utilize an electronic ignition rather than a conventional pilot flight. If you want to maximize your savings, you should think about upgrading your heat pump. 


Nowadays, smart ovens are already maximizing the digital age. If you don’t prefer a smart oven, you can use modern ovens that utilize less energy and are available in different kinds of styles to suit your daily needs. The best oven for you will be depending on the features that you want and your budget. 

Dryer and washer 

Once your washer is more than 10 yrs. old, then it is considered to be replaced already. Newer models are more efficient compared to traditional units that utilize less water. Opt for front-loading washers instead of top-loading ones to take advantage of the energy efficiency it provides. Refrain from buying top-loading since they commonly use more electricity and water.  

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