Planting Shrubs and Trees Close to Buried Utility Lines

New shrub or tree? Check. Water and mulch? Check. Shovel? Check. Ready to plant? Absolutely not. Prior to diving into the planting project, it is very important to make sure that you are planting the correct tree in an appropriate at the right time. As a matter of fact, part of this is making sure that your plant does not disrupt some other nearby underground neighbors such as the utility lines. Utility lines and plant roots can gladly share space however, it takes a bit of a planning just to make sure that they are not too near for comfort. It’s even helpful if you ask help form the professionals for tree doctor Yonkers NY.

Planting Some Utility Friendly Shrubs and Trees

When you are ready to plant your new shrub or tree, inspecting for underground utility lines is a very crucial step you will not want to skip or ignore.

Can the Roots of the Trees and Shrubs Cause Damage to Utility Lines?

Of course, and the damage is a real headache. In addition to that, the roots can harm the coating found on power lines that can disrupt the utility services of your neighbor as well as yours. That can result into a safety hazard and may even require you to spend significant amounts of fines and repair costs. Locating underground utility lines and planning prior to planting is actually the best method in order to avoid such hassles and headaches.

How Do You Know Where Your Power Lines Are?

Call a professional and expert tree service provider and set a scheduled appointment to have your utilities marked for free. Having said that, your request may be routed to your electric, water, gas or any other utility companies as well as a representative will arrive to you to mark those utility lines with red flags.

Selecting Trees to Plant Near Your Buried Utility Lines

While the limbs of the trees grow tall and big, their roots also grow wide. For instance, a mango tree which stands 20 feet tall has roots which spread 20 feet or greater in both directions. That is the reason why it is very essential to pick the right planting spot and type of tree when you are dealing with underground power lines. In addition to that, prior to buying a new tree or shrub, find out first all about its growth and development potential. Then, plan carefully when you are ready to do the job so that there is plenty of space between your utility line and plant. If the projected height of the tree is 15 feet for instance, then you should dig a hole at least 15 feet away from the power lines.

What Can You Plant Above Your Underground Utility Lines?

You must not plant over the underground utilities however, if your chosen spot is close to a power line, some shrubs and trees are better picks compared to the others. Plants that have non-invasive roots are less likely to harm your utility lines and they are actually the most utility friendly.

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